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Providing a full range of family law services

When family problems rise to legal ones, you need counsel who understands that the litigants were once bound in close, loving relationships. Property, support and custody issues must be resolved with that in mind, so the legal outcome does not unnecessarily scar the underlying family attachments. At Gasser Law PLLC, I strive to help people end their marriages with as little stress as possible, finding workable solutions for economic issues and seeing to the best interests of the children involved.

Adept at providing a full range of family law services

Whether your marital breakup is contested or amicable, I provide comprehensive support for:

  • Divorce— I will guide you through the marriage dissolution process, making sure that your rights are protected.
  • Spousal support— I will help you seek the best possible settlement or judgment for spousal support payments, whether you are the payer or the recipient.
  • Property division— I will advocate for a fair allocation of your marital property and debts, ensuring the court has a full financial accounting.
  • Child support— I will seek an arrangement providing for equitable sharing of the financial support required to raise your children in a healthy, happy environment.
  • Child custody and visitation— I help clients make child custody plans that divide parenting time to foster shared decision-making and nurturing for the children.

In some cases, mediation may achieve amicable agreements about issues involving your children, property and finances.

Property division in Tennessee divorces

During a divorce, the court divides your marital property using a method called equitable distribution. This means the court aims to split the property fairly but not necessarily equally. Marital property includes virtually all property you and your spouse acquired together during marriage, even if it is titled in only one spouse’s name. Factors the court considers in determining equitable distribution include:

  • The length of the marriage
  • Each spouse’s income, earning potential and economic circumstances
  • Each spouse’s age and mental and physical health
  • Whether one spouse made career sacrifices to benefit the other
  • The value of each spouse’s separate property
  • The tax consequences of the property division or alimony

Achieving a fair distribution might require selling off a marital asset, such as your home, and splitting the proceeds of the sale. You and your spouse might agree to let one of you keep an asset in return for giving up a larger share of other assets. If I represent you in a property division dispute, I strive to work out a division of marital assets that is most beneficial to you.

Mediation: an easier way to settle family law disputes

Family law issues don’t necessarily have to be decided by a court. In fact, Tennessee law generally mandates that divorces and child custody disputes first be submitted for mediation. In mediation, a neutral third party meets with the parties to help them iron out at least some of their contested issues, such as those related to parenting and finances. Mediation is less expensive and stressful than going to trial. Furthermore, achieving compromises avoids the risk of an adverse decision from a judge. I can discuss the potential for success of mediation in your case and help you in seeking a satisfactory result.

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