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Rutherford County Lawyer Protects Homes from Foreclosure

Tennessee law firm helps families save property from loss due to financial distress

Home ownership is part of the American dream but most home purchases are financed by loans secured by a mortgage or deed of trust that gives creditors the right to force a sale of the property in case of loan default. If you are a homeowner and can no longer afford to make the monthly payments on your home loan, at Gasser Law PLLC in Smyrna.

Filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, can save your home for foreclosure provided you otherwise qualify for this form of debt relief.

Protecting debtors from high deficiency judgments after foreclosure

If the foreclosure sale fetches less than the balance due on the loan, the foreclosing lender may sue you for the difference. Bankruptcy can help eliminate this deficiency judgment/balance.

Contact a knowledgeable attorney when you face foreclosure

When your home or other property is at risk of foreclosure, Chapter 13 can help you get back on track with your payments and stop the foreclosure.  Call Gasser Law PLLC at 615-267-0588 or contact me online to schedule your free initial consultation at my Smyrna office.